Between the Soup and the Potatoes / 2018-19 / Duo exhibition with Rosa Sijben / Presented at Billytown - The Kitchen, The Hague (NL)

During a performance, while you are waiting for something to happen, it happens. While you are making art, you make other art. Sometimes there is nothing between some things, but that's something too! 'Between the Soup and the Potatoes' is a Flemish expression which means 'to do something quickly in between other things'. We want to recognize the curious moments in between, to bring our attention to this void and its joyful potential.

Here is a PDF of the floorplan for the exhibition.

Photos by: Jhoeko, The Kitchen

Between the Soup and the Potatoes / David Bernstein / 2017-2018 / Things made in between

Right: Sjaak / Rosa Sijben / 2017 / Wood, foam, polyester, fiberglass

Split in two / Hreinn Friðfinnsson / 2014-2018 / Jawbreaker, Icelandic outlet, wood

Zelf (table version) / Rosa Sijben / 2017-2018 / Objects (made to fit in existing covers), wooden case, folding table and benches

Package of brown rice / 2018

Happy Birthday / Rosa Sijben and David Bernstein / 2018 / Toilet paper, metal stand

Female to Female (Self-Actualization) / David Bernstein / 2018 / Electrical cord

Liflafjes / Rosa Sijben / 2013, 2016 / Foam, satelite dish, swimming pool tubes

Below: One-Eyed Daruma / David Bernstein / 2018 / Fiat Multipla air conditioner, self-drying clay, Sugru, papier mache, cardboard
Above: Eye / David Bernstein / 2016 / Ink on paper

Benjamin (Living in the Real Fake Real World) / David Bernstein / 2018 / Ink on paper

Opening night on 30 Nov. 2018
Throughout the evening Rosa unfolded and showed her work "Zelf" while I served Pieorgi dumplings inside of my work.