To Half Sell A Duck / 2022 / Solo performance exhibition / Presented at Fortune Teller, Athens (GR)

To Half Sell A Duck is an exhibition and performance that brings together a constellation of works around the theme of queer religious futures. David explores "Judeo-Futurism", reclaiming historical symbols of oppression by rethinking them and placing them into joyful and perverted fantasies. Guests are guided through the exhibition with a performance that tells a story about a radical priest who makes kinky paintings, the creation of a Golem who fights canards, and an encounter with the artist Danh Võ who asks David to cut up a 16th century wooden Jesus into pieces.

Photos by Konstantinos Giotis, Video by Mary Szydłowska, Fashion by CFGNY. Thanks to: all the visitors, Denis Maksimov, Inga Bergen, Konstantions Lianos and Keiv for hosting the project, Sophia Holst, Mary and Mikołaj Szydłowski, 8 Track, Geert Verboven, M. Maria Walhout, Michalis Giontis, Felix Kalmenson, Boris Steiner, Danh Võ, Shabbes 24/7, and all the friends who've helped in the research process over the past 2 years. This project was made possible thanks to the support of The Mondriaan Fonds and Vonk.

The project was first presented at 8 Track in Brussels, click here for the documentation.