The Marble Man, 2013
Exhibition and storytelling performance at Rongwrong, Amsterdam
Part of Sandberg Institute graduation show, “The Festival of Choices 2013”

The performance tells the story of a search for a man known as The Marble Man. During the performance, multiple objects are activated in the space including the main object, two bronze spatulas stuck inside of each other. It was first presented at Rongwrong in Amsterdam, NL and then at Frutta Gallery in Rome, IT.

“The Marble Man is an art collector and if he likes your work, he comes up to you and says, ‘I can make anything you want out of marble.’ He owns a marble factory in the north of Italy and he really can make anything you want, but he does it with a special deal. He’ll make your work, but in two copies, one for you and one for him. It’s how he builds his collection. I liked the sound of it and decided I wanted this man to make my spatula out of marble.”

Flyer of Exhibition with description of the works

photos by Tamara Kuselman